Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband #1

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband – A wedding anniversary is symbolic of the fact that your marriage has lasted through life’s ups and downs. Whether it’s your first year or your fiftieth, another year with your husband is a reason for celebration. Here we have some really cutest, funny and romantic anniversary wishes for husband. Choose the one you think would be best for thanking your husband.


wedding anniversary wishes for husband
wedding anniversary wishes for husband

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Happy Anniversary Wishes for Husband


I’m one lucky wife in this world who is blessed with such a loving and responsible husband. I thank god every day for having you in my life. Happy anniversary!


Thank you for being the reason of my smile. Happy anniversary dear husband, I love you so much.


My love for you is beyond words. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Anniversary, My Love!


Love is the most precious thing that you been giving me all my life. I love you not because of who you are but because of how you make me feel! A happy 25th anniversary, my dear husband.


I want to thank you for being not only my husband but also my soulmate and the biggest supporter of me. Happy anniversary dear! I am proud of you!


Happy anniversary dear husband! Life wouldn’t be so wonderful If you weren’t there to hold me up every time I fall. I feel very happy to be with you every moment.


Happy Wedding Anniversary! You are the best husband and the best friend ever! You are my forever and always.


This AnniversaryAnniversary may be a reason to celebrate the BIG day of our lives. Still, in reality, every day of my life is the biggest celebration, as you make me feel unique and precious every

moment. I love you to the moon and back. Very Happy Anniversary my love!


Wedding anniversaries are not just about parties, music, gifts, and fun. But it is about the time, love, struggle, and hardships that we face together. Happy AnniversaryAnniversary to my dear



You mean a lot to me. I want to be with you till my last breath! Happy anniversary!

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Spending a year next to an amazing person makes me nothing but happier. Happy anniversary, thanks for being the perfect partner anyone could ever ask for.


Whenever I look back to all the memories that we have created and the time that we have spent together and I wonder there is no photo frame big enough to have our beautiful memories saved

together. Happy Anniversary My Partner!!!


I can’t imagine my life without you; it completely revolves around you just like all the planets revolving around the sun. Very happy anniversary my love!


Wishing for more candles on the anniversary cake, happy anniversary to the best hubby ever! I love you.


I cannot really express just how blessed I am to have found a husband like you. Happy Anniversary to us!


My love, happy wedding anniversary! You are the greatest gift of my life!


Out of the millions of questions about the meaning of life. I chose to answer only one, and that’s YOU, my love. A very happy anniversary to you.


Our AnniversaryAnniversary is a very special day for me for this is the day when I got you in my life forever and ever! A very Happy Anniversary.


No matter how tough life gets, no matter how nasty it becomes, but having YOU in my life as my life partner makes every hardship worth it! Happy Anniversary.


The love and care you have given me in these two years is more than I ever thought for a lifetime. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary my love. You are everything to me!


[PUT YEAR] years with you seemed like [PUT YEAR] years of magical moments! Happy Anniversary!


Sweetheart, you are the man of my dreams! I love you so much. Happy wedding anniversary!


Happy Anniversary dear husband! I’m proud to be yours.


You are everything for me. I love you. Happy Anniversary!


No matter how many times we fight in a day, the love that we share is incomparable! I love you! A very happy wedding anniversary, my love!


Even after 25 years of our marriage, I can’t believe you are mine. I am so lucky, and I feel grateful to be your wife. Happy Anniversary!


My love, each day of my life is special with you. Happy Anniversary! I will forever fight for you and with you.


I just can’t believe how long it’s been darling. [PUT YEAR] long years. But we made it. Thank you for everything.


Baby, Happy Anniversary! You are the jam to my peanut butter! I’m so attracted to you.


All the hardships, harsh realities, problems, bitterness, and failures are bearable because I have YOU standing by my side. My love. Wishing you a very happy anniversary, my dear husband.


Like the sun is to a blooming flower and a hummingbird is to the hibiscus and moth is to a flame, we are to each other – utterly inseparable. I wish you a very Happy Anniversary!!!


Love, I feel like living in a fairy tale because of you. I will always be the best woman I can be for you. Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! I cannot imagine how boring my life would be without you! I don’t even know what I would do without you.



wedding anniversary wishes for husband
wedding anniversary wishes for husband

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Romantic Anniversary Messages for Husband


My wonderful husband, thank you for putting up with my mood swings; and for always lifting up my mood when I feel down. I love you so much, Happy Anniversary!


I still remember the moment when you and I became “we”; I want to hold you tight for the rest of my life. Thanks for always being there for me! Happy Anniversary!


Thank you for being my best friend, my lover, my husband, my soulmate, my superhero. Happy anniversary!


Another new year, to create lots of memories and I have seen the truth in your eyes, you also remind me of my dad. I’m so lucky you have all the qualities that he uses to have. Happy anniversary!


Here’s to growing old together, hand in hand; being each other’s partner in crime. Happy Anniversary, dear husband.


I love you for the special way you make my heart feel. Happy Anniversary!


Every day my love is getting stronger for you. Another year filled with love and I will love you forever till the ends of the universe.


Another magical year, you have been perfect as always. As a life partner and dad for our kids, I’m speechless, I know our rest of the life, lots of happiness, is still waiting for us and I feel safe in your

arms. Happy anniversary, my sweetheart.


Thank you for holding me through everything and anything. I love you my dear husband, happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary to my husband! Waking up next to you is the happiest moment of my day!


You are the one who has touched my heart. Nobody can replace you I love you.


There hasn’t been a moment when I haven’t been in love with you. Happy Anniversary my love!


Baby, Happy Anniversary. You comfort my soul and care for my heart. I love you!


I love you, honey, till my last breath. It wouldn’t be possible without you.


Thank you for always supporting me and encouraging me to stay motivated during the hardest time and for being my shadow.


I remember not being able to answer my friends what my ideal type should be; but then I met you and I got my answer. Thanks for being my ideal type. Happy anniversary, darling!


Once in a while we meet someone in our life who is capable of giving us the hint that they would be our forever favorite no matter what happens, you are my that person. Happy anniversary



I don’t want our marriage to be perfect but as the best adventurous and memorable ride of my life that two people can have.


You have always made me feel so lucky and special. Thank you for not changing yourself throughout these days and for being the best husband. Happy anniversary!


If someone asked me to describe you my love in one word I’d say, perfect.


Our anniversary is nothing but a timeless celebration with tons of adventures and joyful days. Happy anniversary, babe!

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wedding anniversary wishes for husband
wedding anniversary wishes for husband


First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband


After meeting you, I came to know how lucky I’m to have you. Thank you for loving me so much.


You are my heartbeat, you are my life, and the reason behind my smile.


When I say I love you, I mean it, I am reminding you honey that you are the source of my joy.


Every day and every moment with you is special. But today we are going to celebrate all those special moments we shared together. Thank you and I love you!


I fell in love with you so deeply in just one year that I don’t think I can ever live without you in my life anymore. Will you stay with me forever? Happy anniversary dear hubby!


I’m passionately in love with you. You are the center of my world.


Love is the best feeling which can’t be express in a single word. It brings peace to our minds and soul. I’m so excited to spend my entire life with you.


You make me fall in love with you everyday a little bit more than yesterday. I love you,dear! Happy 1st Anniversary. The first of many happy years to come.


I want to pause the time when I am with you, happy 1st anniversary! I love you so much.


I’m so blessed thank you God for giving me the best husband! Happy anniversary darling.


When I saw you, I started believing in love at first sight. I will always love you, my baby, and I will stand with you in every difficult time.


Thank you for being there, when no one uses to understands me, and no one else understands me the way you do.


It’s been a year, a full phase of the moon of a roller coaster ride which I enjoyed so much! Happy first anniversary you sexy beast! I love you.


Being next to you for one year made me realize how much I want to spend the eternity being in deliciously love with you. Always be by my side. Happy 1st Anniversary, dear husband!


The bride is always right, and the groom is a husband in a successful married life.


You are my present, and future thank you for making me feel special each day that are not our anniversary.


I Love You Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow forever I will.



wedding anniversary wishes for husband
wedding anniversary wishes for husband


Funny Anniversary Wishes for Husband


A superman, super dad, a super husband I can’t believe God has given me the perfect man.


On our anniversary, I thank God that we met. I love you, my baby. I’m so excited and happy that we are together.


Happy Anniversary to the most handsome man and I’m so grateful and lucky that our paths crossed all those years ago.


Happy anniversary to you for putting up with all my craziness. Because if you did not put up, you know there wouldn’t be any happy anniversary after all!


Thanks for being with me all these years and still not killing me while I am sleeping. I may be a bit annoying but I know you are patient enough to tolerate me! happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary, my love! May our marriage filled with laughter and love forever. You still give me butterflies.


On our anniversary I want to Thank you for being the most amazing husband in the world! I love you! Happy Anniversary Baby


I want you to stay with me for the rest of my life. Because I really need someone to yell at every now and then. I love you a lot! Happy anniversary!


Thanks for knowing that your wife is always right, you are a keeper! Happy Anniversary, hubby.


I am convinced that you are the best thing ever happen to me. Today on our anniversary I want to thank you for being a perfect husband. I have always dreamed of you.


Another milestone we have achieved it, I am so lucky for all the happy years and looking forward to sharing with you a billion more years of my life!


Today we raise our glasses for the best decision you ever made in your life! Happy Anniversary!


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