Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister – Pregnancy is the emergence of a new life and the beginning of a new role. This is the moment of proud and ecstatic. This is the time, when a would be mother expect love and pampering, from the people she loves and knows.  If you are struggling thinking about how to wish a pregnant sister, we are glad about today’s serving of pregnancy wishes for sisters. Kindly scroll below to find the rest.

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister
Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

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Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

A journey of a woman completes after she becomes a mother. It is the toughest one, but the most affectionate one. May God give you lots of strength and happiness in abundance. 

May your upcoming baby bring you a lot of happiness in life. I wish you may found your heaven within the child. Happy pregnancy!


You are going to enter into a new phase of life. And as a mother, you have to take more responsibility. I wish you all the best with joy.

Congratulations sis for this wonderful moment. The news came after a long wait, however, it is an old saying that a child brings loads of happiness that comes late, love you.
Congratulation my sweet little sister for the wonderful moment. There was the day when we used to fight for silly things, it’s the time our children will do the same things. Congratulation for the
beginning of our next generation. 

Heartiest congratulations on expecting. May God fill your house with laughter and tiny steps with lots of love my dear. Love you.


God has created a new path for you to walk on and I wish you all the best for this most amazing journey. Congratulations my dear sister.

Babies are the gift of God and mothers are like God. Happiness is turning toward your door, open the door with a big heart. Congrats for this ecstatic moment.
Got to know you are pregnant, I am so happy for you, couldn’t wait to wish you. Love you, dear sister and dying to see my little monster. Take care, coming soon hug you. 

No matter what growing inside your tummy, my nephew or niece. I’m just excited thinking that we will make the best gang and be the perfect partner in crime.


When I brought any gift for you, your excitement being Over-abundance. Now the most precious gift is waiting for you. Congratulations on being in a family way! May God bless you.

A big congratulations to the would be mom, I know you are going to be the world’s best mom. We all love you, and call me whenever you feel talking to someone.
Congratulations my lovely sister, now that you are going to be a mom, I have also been promoted as masi, so a big congratulations to me as well. 

Hey Sister, when I came to know about your pregnancy news, I really can’t wait for the time when I hold my nephew’s hand and make him able to walk. Congrats on your pregnancy.


Sister, you are going to be a witness of the happiest moment of the universe. I wish you the best of health and happy pregnancy.

This is the most awaiting baby, and I hope, this will bring lots of happiness in our life. Many-many congratulations to you, sister.
After hearing your pregnancy news, I am desperate to see my niece/nephew’s face. They will be cute for sure, but in my company, he/she will become adorable. 

You have no idea about my excitement! The news of your pregnancy makes me the happiest person. I can’t believe that someone will call me Sweet Uncle.


Congratulations to you for expecting. May God make your special journey a beautiful experience. Cannot wait to meet my favorite nephew/niece.

Thanks, thanks and thanks a lot for bringing this new member in our family. This child is the most blessed one and will be the most loved one. We all love you, sister.
A child is a gift to the family, he/she brings hope and good fortune for the family. Lots of wishes to the new baby and good wishing good health to the expecting mother. 

My heart is so happy that God has blessed you with this wonderful miracle. Best wishes and congratulations my sister. Lots of love.


Hello dear, welcome you to the mother’s community. You are going to be a proud member of here a few months later. Take the best care of you and the life growing inside you.

A big congratulations to my lovely sister for becoming a mother. It seems, just a few days have passed, I used to watch you playing in our courtyard, now your baby will. It would be a lovely
moment, dying to see the same. Congrats once again.
Congratulation to my sister, who is going to become a mother! My wish to you is that, may you have an exemplary association. You complete each other’s lives, and sorrow never crosses your way.
Soon the silence in this house will be broken by the screaming of the newborn, though it would be tough to bear, I am ready to compromise my comfort for my cute little one. Congrats sis for this
wonderful moment. 

Being mother is marvelous! Now get ready for taking more responsibility. Congratulations on becoming pregnant and I wish God continue to bless you.


Best of luck to your husband for tackling your mood swings. May the odds be in his favor! Congratulations sis.

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister
Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

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Sister Pregnancy Wishes


The news of the pregnancy of your sister can be heartwarming. Not only she herself is the bundle of joy, but now her womb will prepare another human being, a child which will radiate the lives of

every family member with his mischievous behavior and cute smile.


This post is all about pregnancy wishes for Sister which we crafted from the perspective of small brother, elderly brother, small sister and elderly sister. You can send the below wonderful texts to

her using WhatsApp, email or Social media platform.


No matter what growing inside your tummy, my nephew or niece. I’m just excited thinking about that together we will make the best gang and will be the perfect partner in crime.


When I brought any gift for you, your excitement being Over-abundance. Now the most precious gift is waiting for you. Congratulations on being in a family way! May God bless you.


I am elated with jubilation for hearing the news of your pregnancy! Words cannot be articulated to express how happy I am for you dear sister! You have been phenomenal all throughout life and

you truly deserve this wonderful gift from the almighty.


There is no joyous moment for a woman than to nurture a heart-beating new human being and to bring it into this world! I was so yearning for a day where I could run behind my niece and

nephew joyously. The wish is now finally coming to fruition after 9 months. Many congratulations to you and your brother-in-law for this wonderful news!


Hey Sister, when I came to know about your pregnancy news, I really can’t wait for the time when I hold my nephew’s hand and make him able to walk. Congrats on your pregnancy.


When I closed my eyes, the scene is just before me that “my little niece hold my hand and bear a pack of colorful balloons in her tiny gripe. I am waiting for comes it true. Happy pregnancy!


I cannot fathom my joy and happiness upon hearing the pregnancy news of my dear sister! You have been so supportive of me throughout the years and now I can’t wait for the kiddo to radiate

the joy, exuberance, and vitality in your life. Many Congratulations to you and the brother in law.


You really brought a wide grin to my face with this pregnancy news! May the soon to be born niece or nephew be instilled with beauty and robust health. So happy for this joyous news! I thank the

divine for blessing you with this pregnancy!


Dear sister, Congratulations for being pregnant. I am going to be the coolest uncle. As, I am a bike rider, so there is coming to a very skilled bike rider in our family.


Dear Sis, I am really excited to hear about the great news, I will soon be an aunt. I am sure you are going to be a wonderful mom. Congratulations Mom to Be.


It feels like the summers of yesterday, that I used to carry you in my arms, and now my sweet little sister is going to have a baby of her own! As a brother, nothing is more important to me than

seeing you happy and glow with joy. I am so excited to become an uncle and I promise to be the best one for our soon to arrive, nephew or niece.


This is the best time to relax and take care of yourself because when the baby arrives you will hardly have enough time for yourself. Congratulations Mom to be!

Pregnancy Wishes for Sister
Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

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Pregnancy Congratulations Messages for Sister


Your baby will be strong, healthy, and beautiful. Just like you. Congratulations on your pregnancy


For us women, nothing gives more goosebumps than to cushion a human-being inside our warm and safe womb. Your news of pregnancy has brought joy to me! I will pray to the almighty for the

newborn to inculcate all the beauty of you and the handsomeness of the brother-in-law. Can’t wait for the D- Day sister. So happy for you!!!

Congratulation for the baby. Now, you have got a new boss at home, just listen to him/her and follow his/her orders without any complaint.
Lots of blessings and love for the mother and her baby. I wish, you deliver a cute, chubby, healthy and cuddly baby.


Nothing could be sweeter to ears than the cries of the newborn baby. There is no sight more pleasing than the sight of the newborn baby. Children are the blessings straight from the divine! I

thank the Almighty for this wonderful news! Take care sweetheart!


Dear, Sister! Time has now come for you to fasten the seatbelt to travel through the most exciting phase of your life i.e. the pregnancy! While the journey may be a tad uncomfortable, know that

this is the best gift from the divine to us women! So eagerly awaiting the arrival of your cutie-munchy pie straight from heaven!

This baby is opening a new chapter in your life, I wish this chapter contains plenty of fun moments and there remain no space for sad moments. Lots of blessings for a healthy and cute baby.
You must be happy for your baby, but not happier than me. You must be concerned for him/her, but not more than me, because I am dying to get a partner who talks with me, play with me and
become my true mate in crime 

Life without a baby is like a Tree without leaves. You bring the news of happiness. Congratulations on getting pregnant.


On your marriage ceremony, I attended without any gift, but on the news of your pregnancy, you deserved a wonderful gift from me and I will not cheat you. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

A big congratulation for getting pregnant, I want you to deliver a baby girl because I want one Xerox of you who stay with me all the time. Love you, and many-many congratulations.
This is an awesome and big moment for all of us. Congratulations for pregnancy, eat right, sleep tight, see beautiful dreams, and order me for whatever you need. 

Congratulations on your pregnancy sister. Best wishes for the beginning of the end of your free time.


Let your heart be filled with all the joys of the world. You are going to be a mother. It is the best feeling of the universe. Talk the best care for you and I’m wishing you the best.

Oh, I am so happy to hear about your pregnancy, but I am more excited for my niece or nephew who is going to play with me.
May, this pregnancy brings lots of change in you. May it turn you active from a lazy person. And if it does not happen, trust me, I am going to do the same, coz I can’t see my niece or nephew in a
careless hand. Lots of love for you and blessings for the baby. 

You always looked for a job. Now, the new job is waiting for you. The baby in your tummy is the office’s boss and you have to be a very obedient servant.


I can’t wait for the day that I can finally call myself as Uncle. Take care of yourself and make sure that the baby remains healthy.


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