Birthday Wishes for Cat

Birthday Wishes for Cat – If you are a cat lover, you will agree that cats are not only the best pets to keep around, but they are also the cutest and most adorable creatures man has ever had. They are furry and cute and are good company. Choosing the right words might seem difficult; therefore, on our website, we have compiled these cat’s birthday wishes, so you have an idea of how to wish your cat a happy birthday, even for sending birthday wishes for a friend’s cat.


Birthday Wishes for Cat
Birthday Wishes for Cat

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Birthday Wishes for My Cat


No doubt that you are the best of your kind. Happy Birthday cutie. Keep growing and keep mewing.


You have brought a lot of good things into my world, you don’t only bring me comfort, but you send my foes away, those creeping rats that disturb me every time. Happy Birthday cat.


As today is your birthday, I will listen to your demands and won’t complain about you. You can boss me around how you want. Happy Birthday, young Master.


There’s nothing I can call my personal space cause you invaded every place along with my heart. I wish you a happy birthday, you little disastrous devil


Happy birthday to the most amazing cat I have ever had the pleasure of keeping as a pet. I love you so much kitty and hope that you may live longest.


Sometimes I don’t like your arrogance but your cuteness makes me crazy. I cannot do anything to you except loving you more and more. Happy Birthday, my charming cat.


You are the source of my joy and cure for my stress. Even when you break my things and scratch me, I instantly forget those after looking at your cute innocent eyes. Happy birthday my cutest

little buddy.


Sometimes you claw me, sometimes you purr in my lap. Sometimes I feel ignored. Sometimes you take a nap. Whatever you do, I just want you to know – that my love for you will forever grow.

Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday cute cat. I can’t stop loving you even in your silliness. You mean so much to me.


If I have authority to recommend the noble prize on universal sound figuring out harmony, I will definitely stand for your purr. Have a wonderful birthday my dearest pet cat.


There is not a single person in the whole world who can make me break into a smile even in the middle of tears, except you. Happy birthday to my cute cat.


You are not just my pet; you are my life’s healing balm. When problems crop up from left, right and center, your cute purrs make everything seem calm. Happy birthday.


Your skin is so soft and I feel it every time you are around me, I can’t feel comfortable with any minute spent away from you. Happy Birthday cat.


I heard you are going to London very soon to see the queen my pussy cat. Remember to take me along with you. Happy Birthday cute little cat.


Watching you grow and play around makes me happy and proud like a parent. I love you. May you always be cheerful and never get sick. Happy Birthday, Kitty.


After coming home all tired, I become fresh again when you jump at me and meow. Happy birthday my fluffiest cute little cat.


Funny Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes for Cat
Birthday Wishes for Cat


Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Cat


Your skin is so soft and I feel it every time you are around me, I can’t feel comfortable with any minute spent away from you. Happy Birthday cat.


I heard you are going to London very soon to see the queen my pussy cat. Remember to take me along with you. Happy Birthday cute little cat.


When you welcome us home with your little cat, he/she also starts to imitate your actions. Those are so adorable! Happy birthday to your furball.


Here’s the birthday card I made for our little friend and your master. I am grateful to him/her for listening to all your whinings and naggings. Happy birthday to your boss at home.


Happy birthday to your sweetest, cutest and best cat. Look at those paws! Oh, she/ he grew so well! May this little thing shine every day.


So gentle, so cute and so charming, how I wish you can turn to a human and become my best friend, because you have every attribute a good friend can have. Happy Birthday lovely cat.


You have been so helpful by catching all the mice around the house. Never did I think after catching all the mice, you will catch my birds. Shame but all the same Happy Birthday.


A little celebration for the little cute and fluffiest thing on the planet, may he/she get all the happiness and love of the world.


Happy birthday to the most adorable cat who becomes a year older today! The joy he/she brings into our life, hope he/she gets more than that.


To my little temperamental piece of fur ball, happy birthday to you! We are definitely a team for having the same fickle attitude! I love you!


When I hear the sounds of your meows, it puts smiles on my face. When I see those cute winks you give, I feel that touch of love. It’s just me saying, Happy Birthday Kitty.


Hey! You are too stubborn at times but you have been the best friend I have had in a long time. I cherish your sweet ginger patterns. Enjoy this mouse cake and Happy Birthday.


I don’t mind giving up the title of being the most adorable family member. You are indeed the cutest. Happy birthday, fur ball!


I love my best buddy more than anyone else in this world. Her amber round eyes are fierce and can get whatever it is that she desires, her moves are classic and elegant, her ways are just simply

irresistible. She is not a diva, she is my adorable little kitty. Happy birthday, my darling!


Romantic Birthday Wishes for Love


Your mew is so pleasing to my hearing, its sound triggers a sense of joy that flows from within me. I hope we’ll have many more good time together. Happy Birthday my pet.


Happy Birthday cute cat, all of your tricks are amazing to witness, the way you jump up in excitement when I come back from work makes me happy. Happy Birthday cute cat.


You have a very special space in my heart that no human can ever fill. You make me extremely happy and stress-free. Have a wonderful birthday, my dearest fur ball!


Your arrival in my life brought me a lot of new things that I have no idea of before. I did not have any clue on how to take care of someone else other than myself, nor how to clean the house, and

how much cat food there is on earth. You opened my world into a whole different one. It is definitely messier, but it is a lot happier too! I am thankful that you came into my life. Happy birthday,

cutest fur ball!


You are my inspiration to be as carefree as possible. I want to be like you and not think about anything else other than to relax and chill. Best birthday to you, pretty kitty cat!


Happy Birthday precious kitty, I wonder what you would do today your birthday, unlike us that can drink and party all night long on our special day. But I do hope you enjoy it.


Happy Birthday my most loyal companion, I do hope you enjoy today in every possible way, even if it’s to mew for the whole day, you know I’ll allow that. Happy Birthday cute cat.


I am now officially declaring that you are more of a master to me than a pet. Well, I really do not mind as long as you will not stop coiling around my legs and staring at me with those cute bright

eyes. To my cute little furred boss, happiest birthday to you!


To my furry baby, I love you and happy birthday! I am at my happiest every time I pet you. Your soft fluffy hair makes me want to squeeze you, you shoo my stress away. I wish you’ll not stop those

head bumps for I like them so much!


Sometimes you act silly and I seem not to understand you, and sometimes you show all of your emotions by coming close and giving a sign that you need cuddling. Happy Birthday my awesome



Your simplicity is of the highest order, because you are so gentle and meek, always willing to cuddle with me. You are a different type of your kind. Happy Birthday!


It doesn’t matter how many scratches I now have on my coffee table, or how my sofa is filled with your hairballs, as long as you’ll keep on showering me with love and sweetness by rubbing your

head upon my legs. Happy birthday to my cute cat!


Cats do not have much tricks than dogs do, but you, my lovely kitty only need one trick to amaze everyone. That is to stare with your big, green, and captivating round eyes. A fantastic birthday to

you, my fluffy angel!


Everything about you is admirable, the way you sit, the way you walk, I’m sure if you could talk, your speech will be a pleasant one. Happy Birthday Cutie.


You are the type of creature that can walk on any path, you taught me a great lesson through that. Happy Birthday beautiful cat of mine.


You surely have a strange way of showing your affection for me and even a weirder way to ask for my attention. How can someone who lightly scratch my lap, tear the pages of my books, and

intentionally sit on my keyboard when I am on it be so cute and sweet? You have really mastered the art of bossing around. Happy birthday to my cute little kitty!




Birthday Wishes for Cat
Birthday Wishes for Cat

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother in Law


Happy Birthday Kitty


You have no idea how powerful your purr is. I adopted you because my heart melted when you purred and it changed my life forever. Happy birthday.


If cats really have nine lives, I hope you take birth in my house as my pet every single time. Happy birthday.


You taught me by your deeds that life is not a bed of rose, that we should absorb anything that comes our way and learn from them. Happy Birthday cutie.


Life is too short not to have a close pal that we can often embrace, you are my own cool pal and I am happy you’ve never stopped loving me too. Happy Birthday kitty.


Even though you tear my cushions and rip apart my books – I have no choice but to love you because of your cute looks. Happy birthday kitty.


When I got you, I thought I was getting a pet cat. But as time has gone by I have obviously realized that I got myself a master. Happy birthday sir.


Every purr and every meow from you is like a sound from heaven. Whenever I hear it, my heart jumps with happiness for having the best pet in the world. You proved to me that it is the right

choice to have a cutie cat like you. Happy birthday!


People say cat ladies are weird people, I do not mind being called one if the consequence is having you in my life for a really long time. To my adorable little tiger, happy birthday!


Staring at your cute little face, listening to your meows and rubbing you on your head puts me in a happy face called heaven. Happy birthday kitty.


If your cute meows didn’t melt my heart, I wouldn’t have tolerated your arrogant ways from the start. Happy birthday.


You have occupied my heart, which I liked. But you have also occupied my bed, for which I didn’t have a choice. Happy birthday.


Little tiger, today is your lucky day. I am going to spoil you with treats until you can’t take it anymore. It’s going to rain cat food in the house too! On your birthday, I wish that you’ll stay cute


Birthday Wishes for Cousin


forever. Happy birthday, kitty!


Cats are truly demanding and mysterious. You will not really know if they are coiling on you because they are hungry, or because they just simply wanted your attention. But whatever your reason

may be for always rubbing your head on me, I do not mind it for you are the cutest. Happy purry birthday, fur ball!


Hey cat, I want you to know that you are my idol on your birthday. I wish I could sleep, eat, roam about, and be loved whenever I wished without having to be nice to anyone. Happy birthday.


I got you a gift on your birthday. Will you be kind enough to get into the mood of opening it? Happy birthday kitty.


It’s so beautiful isn’t it, that every lady wants to emulate you in their walk, you are such a great example. Happy Birthday cat.


The time I spend with my cat is never wasted. I love to enjoy and play with you. Happy Birthday kitty!


Whoever says that a woman’s mood swings are unpredictable has obviously never had a pet cat. Your mood swings, my dear kitty, are off the hook – but I still love you. Happy birthday.


My best friend is extremely photogenic, graceful, stylish, independent and self-centered. She is not a supermodel; she is my loving cat. Happy birthday, sweetie.


It’s so beautiful isn’t it, that every lady wants to emulate you in their walk, you are such a great example. Happy Birthday cat.


The time I spend with my cat is never wasted. I love to enjoy and play with you. Happy Birthday kitty!



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