Best Birthday Wishes for Twins

Best Birthday Wishes for Twins – If you have a pair of twins or know someone who has twins, and their birthday is fast approaching, you will want to wish them in a unique way. You adore them and those little ones have brought so much happiness in your lives, you’ve got to make their birthday special by writing them a heartwarming message, which they will cherish on growing up.Let’s send beautiful blessings and well wishes on that special note to the twin baby, twin sisters and brothers.


 Best Birthday Wishes for Twins

Best Birthday Wishes for Twins

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Happy Birthday Messages for Twins


There are many pairs of twin girls in the world, but none as wonderful as the two of you. Happy birthday to the little twin darlings of mine.


You were twice the blessing when you were born, and each of you deserves twice the blessings in your lives. Happy birthday to the twins who have won our hearts!


Happy birthday twins, I know just how inseparable you two are, take care of each other.


You are my favorite pair of twin sisters, and today being your birthday, I want to wish you an awesome birthday full of joy and laughter. Happy birthday twins.


Sending lovely wishes to the two lovely stars that are brightening and shining in every way. God bless you both. Happy birthday twins.


Happy birthday, twins! May God fill both of your life with double blessings and wishing you two a very brighter life ahead!


Twins mean double the joy, happiness and celebration. Sending heartfelt wishes two the most adorable twins ever born.


May God double the joy of this special day of the cutest twins of the world! With same face and outfit, you both are singular, amazing and unique.


You are my favorite pair of twin brothers and today is your birthday. I want to wish you an amazing life that you wanted. Be always together, because you are stronger when together. Happy

birthday best friend.


When I gave a birthday to you I was the happiest person as well as I am the most worried too. How to take care of both of you. I am really happy that I am able to take care of both of you. Happy

Birthday, Twins.


Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the two pretty girls who share a bond that is unbreakable.


Double the sister trouble, twice the sister fun. Happy birthday to the sweetest twin girls in town.


You two may be identical in looks, but your souls are absolutely unique. Happy birthday, my little darlings!


My dear twins sister, I want to wish you some wishes. First you are my beautiful and my favorite people in the world. I want to wish you have a year and birthday as beautiful as your smile. My twin

with noble soul, be always together and be always with us. I love you so much. Happy birthday twins.

Sending lovely wishes to the two lovely stars that are brightening and shining in every way. God bless you both. Happy birthday.


May God bless you two unique souls with everything beautiful and that you’ve wished for always. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to the most beautiful twin girls in the world. I am blessed to have you in our lives.


It’s a great blessing for a woman to have two daughters who were born in the same year, on the same day and in the same hour. May God bless you twins. Happy birthday daughter.


What I really want is you are always side by side. Never separated from each other. God bless you and keep you. Happy birthday twins.


When the two of you walk together, it is like seeing double. However, when the double vision is as beautiful as the two of you, it really isn’t a bother. Happy birthday, twin.




 Best Birthday Wishes for Twins
Best Birthday Wishes for Twins

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Twins


Happy birthday to two of my favorite twin sisters in the world. I am always proud to call you beautiful souls my friends.


Weakness can be converted to motivation in the best possible way when it comes from a better half of a person, your twin is your better half, Happy Birthday twins.


Happy birthday, brat and brattier,

I hope this new year makes you two happier.


Happy birthday to the most energetic twin boys I know!


We have been both a wonderful friends and a amazing siblings. I am proud to call you my dear sisters and my beautiful friends. Today is your day. Enjoy the time, eat cake how much you want and

the most importantly, laugh until the tears fall down to your cheeks. Happy birthday twins, I love you so much.


As you both fight over almost everything, I’ve brought wishes for you both. May you have a blasting birthday!


Every time I met this amazing twin I get in a deception whether it’s you or your sister. However, wish you both a very happy birthday.


As you grow, I hope you continue to support each other through highs and lows, through good days and bad. Happy Birthday, my twin boys!


If I had to choose between being a millionaire and knowing the two of you, I would pick knowing you. You guys make life so much fun. Happy Birthday to the best brothers around!


I don’t know adorable twins like you are. I want to wish you all special and beautiful dreams come true. I love you so much girls. I will by side you on this year and the years come. Happy birthday

twins, have a wonderful day as you are.


I am super blessed to know a pair of twins as pretty as you. I wish you a blessed birthday full of the prettiest things you deserve it. Enjoy babies! Happy birthday twins.


Wishing a joyous happy birthday to the two peas in a pod and brothers by blood. You’re that best thing that came in pairs.


I guess, as being twins you two have to share your birthday gifts and cards, as you’re reading this birthday card in shares. Happy birthday, twins.


The two of you together are like the moon and the stars, you make my nights brighter. Never lose those cheerful personalities. Happy birthday, boys.


You both have something unique to add to this world. May you continue to shine brighter as the years go by. Happy Birthday, my twin babies.


Wishing a very lovely birthday to the coolest and brightest twins. Oops, I was wishing myself! Anyway, wish you a double joyous happy birthday.


When the two of you combine efforts, you do something magical, have a great birthday party. Happy birthday twins.


May God bless you two unique souls with everything beautiful and that you’ve wished for always. Happy birthday twins.


Happy birthday my dear friends!! I want to wish you fill more laughter, more happiness and more on today. You have make me feel good every time. Thank you for everything, I always love you.


There are a few who are lucky enough to have a friend for life. Each of you is lucky that way. Happy birthday to the sweetest and best twin boys!


I woke up today wondering why the sun was shining brighter and the birds were singing more joyfully. Then I remembered that it is your birthday, which calls for a dual celebration. Happy birthday, my twin boys.


Here’s to the most beautiful and awesome twin sisters in the world. Thanks for brightening my life with your friendship. Happy birthday, twins. I send you funny birthday wishes on your special



 Best Birthday Wishes for Twins
Best Birthday Wishes for Twins

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Birthday Wishes for Twin Brothers


Girls always need a best friend, and I am happy that I found a friend in you, my twin sister! Happy Birthday, my twin sister. I am so happy that we have each other.


Nobody can understand me the way you do, my dearest brother. Happy birthday to my other half.


Happy Birthday to two people who are one, Having you both around just double up the fun. May you enjoy the best day of the year. Enjoy your special day.


I am yet to know the most beautiful twins as you are. I still remember your incredible childhood, I understand your adult years are wonderful as your childhood years. I never forget the memorable

times that we shared. What matter you live ı will be always with you. My dearest friends, my beautiful twin sisters, happy birthday.


When I look at you, it is like looking into a mirror. I look amazing. Happy birthday!


Only a few lucky ones get twin brothers who become the lifetime true friends; you both are that lucky one. Happy birthday to the lovely twin brothers.


Sending heartfelt birthday wishes to the most special twin brothers. May God grant you with all that you deserve and godliness of life!


Wishing the cute twin brothers a delightful day. May both of your life get filled with God’s blessings! Happy birthday.


I am always certain that nothing can be so challenging with you around, you proffer a solution to every challenge. Happy Birthday twin brother. Your brother loves you so much.


I want to wish you have a sweet birthday to my favorite twins. You are my great dudes who are very special for me. Thank you for you accepted me into your world. I send you best wishes for 21st

birthday, I love you so much. And you make me feel better when we spend time.

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Friends come and go, but we will always be a special kind of friend, sharing a bond that formed before we were born. Happy Birthday!


Thank you for being my best friend and for always understanding me, even when I don’t have the words to express my thoughts and feelings. Happy birthday to the better half of me.


The sunshine is brighter than before as today is the day of double blessings, joys, and party. Happy birthday to the twin bro.


Happy birthday, twins. I am grateful to have you in my life. May this birthday be the beginning of several wonderful birthdays to come in your lives. May God fill your lives with joy and happiness.


The pleasure of having twins is unparalleled, you’ve got to see two people who look exactly alike, who wears the same cloth but are totally different. Heheheh. Happy Birthday amiable twins.


I am yet to meet the coolest twins you are. You two, are most handsome twins that I have seen ever. I want to wish the life will brings good luck which it will follow you always. Have a good day

and may all dreams come true this year. Happy birthday twins.


Brother is the one who is more than a friend and very close to your heart. We’re so lucky to be twin brothers. Happy birthday to the smartest and coolest one!


Your walk of life gets easier, comfortable and inspiring when you’ve twin sisters. Wishing a great birthday to the most unique twin sisters.


Twin joy, twine wish, twin cake and celebrating the birthday of the twin sisters. Happy birthday to the twin flower.


You two are growing up too fast and we are so happy to have you! Happy birthday to my wonderful sons.


Life is not a smooth journey. You’ll definitely face certain challenges as you journey on. But know that I will always be by your side and together we shall face and surmount those challenges with

courage and faith. Happy birthday to my special twin.


Today, the sun shine more bright, the flowers looking better than another days. I had a question about that why do everything is more beautiful. But ı suddenly remembered today is your birthday.

Obviously your beautiful hearts are reflected in everything. Happy Birthday my beautiful twins who have faces like angels. I send you cute wishes for happy 20th birthday.


Life was filled with twice the cheerfulness and fun when the two of you stole the show. Happy birthday!


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